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Fed up with the way alcohol is being promoted? Concerned about the content or placement of an alcohol ad you’ve seen?

The Alcohol Advertising Review Board reviews complaints from the community about alcohol advertising.

We aim to make it easy for the community to voice its concerns about alcohol advertising.

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Determination Reports

Jacob's Creek ad on Qantas in-flight entertainment system - ref 808/19

AD: Jacob's Creek ad on Qantas in-flight entertainment system. ADVERTISER: Pernod Ricard Australia. DETERMINATION: Upheld

1989 Arcade Bar chalkboard - ref 807/19

AD: 1989 Arcade Bar chalkboard promoting cheap booze. ADVERTISER: 1989 Arcade Bar. DETERMINATION: Upheld

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Alcohol Advertising Review Board

Did you know?

Alcohol companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars promoting their products, and their advertising is highly effective. There is serious concern about the high levels of alcohol-related harm in Australia.

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