About AARB

The Alcohol Advertising Review Board reviews complaints from the Australian community about alcohol advertising.

Our Mission:

To administer an independent alcohol advertising complaint review service to help protect the community from inappropriate alcohol advertising and encourage effective regulation of alcohol advertising.

Our Aims:

  • Provide an independent system of alcohol advertising review;
  • Support the community to respond to inappropriate alcohol advertising;
  • Ensure the complaint process is easy for community members to engage in; and
  • Address the content and placement of all forms of alcohol advertising.

The Alcohol Advertising Review Board was developed in response to concerns about the current voluntary alcohol advertising regulation system. We believe the complaints process should be independent of the alcohol or advertising industries.

The Alcohol Advertising Review Board Code sets criteria for acceptable content and placement of alcohol advertising and applies to all forms of alcohol advertising in Australia.

If you believe the content or placement of an alcohol advertisement is inappropriate or concerning, we encourage you to submit a complaint.

When a complaint is received, it is sent on to a Review Panel. The Review Panel applies the Code and determines whether the advertisement has breached any provision of the Code. The steps in the Review Process are described in the Alcohol Advertising Review Board Procedures.

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The Alcohol Advertising Review Board is an initiative of the Alcohol Programs Team at the Public Health Advocacy Institute of WA (previously the McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth) and Cancer Council WA. The Alcohol Advertising Review Board operates with support from health organisations around Australia.

Alcohol Advertising Review Board

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Determination Reports

Retravision Picardy wine promotion - ref 793/19

AD: Retravision Picardy wine promotion. ADVERTISER: Picardy Wine. DETERMINATION: Dismissed

Furphy bus stop ad in North Perth, WA - ref 796/19

AD: Furphy bus stop ad in North Perth, WA. ADVERTISER: Lion. DETERMINATION: Upheld

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