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Catch up on past issues of our newsletter, Alcohol Action Station below. 

Issue No. 114 10 Dec 2015
Extended trading hours and alcohol-related violence, why mix alcohol with energy drinks?, family and domestic violence: WA Ombudsman report, national survey: WA drinks the most, heavy long-term alcohol use and cancer: new research, new research: alcohol marketing on Twitter and Instagram, take action on alcohol advertising, happy holidays!

Issue No. 113 26 Nov 2015
Alcohol harm in EDs a huge toll, secondary supply laws introduced in WA, liquor law changes in WA: extended trading hours, seminar invitation: effects of others' drinking on children, new research on drinking at home with parents, take action on alcohol advertising!

Issue No. 112 12 Nov 2015
Sponsorship of sport works, updated Free TV Code provides new opportunities for alcohol advertisers, highlights from Perth alcohol conference, myth busted: alcohol in moderation is not good for you, secondary supply laws: why don't adults comply?, new research: alcohol-caused cancers in Ausralia, new research; trading restrictions in Kings Cross are working.

Issue No. 111 29 Oct 2015
Secondary supply laws pass through WA Parliament, new research: Facebook and alcohol advertising, shelved report calls for action on alcohol, new research: energy drinks and alcohol use among young people, new research on alcohol industry attempts to influence marketing regulations, Sounds of Smirnoff promotion: targeting 'youth' brands, have your say!

Issue No. 110 15 Oct 2015
Alcohol advertising claims by Brewers Association don't check out, cider ad banned in the UK, Gruen discusses advertising in sport, Global Alcohol Policy Conference, off-premise outlet density related to injury rates, reflections on the secondary supply campaign, take action on alcohol advertising, we want to know what you think!

Issue No. 109 01 Oct 2015
Rum ad before a children’s video on YouTube, Canberra bans alcohol ads on buses, NSW Premier wants action on alcohol advertising in sport, beer: the not so beautiful truth, we want to know what you think, update on Dan Murphy's proposal in Maylands, event invitation: hear from Professor Frank Chaloupka.

Issue No. 108 17 Sep 2015
Members of Parliament support release of Alcohol Advertising Review Board Annual Report, the worst alcohol ad of 2014-15, day in the life of a child, strong community support for regulation of alcohol advertising, Free TV Code review: sorting fact from fiction, take action on alcohol advertising, children exposed to alcohol ads over 50 million times in one year, new research on alcohol warning labels.

Issue No. 107 03 Sep 2015
Australians spend more on booze than education, Carlton Dry sponsorship of Splendour in the Grass, take action on alcohol advertising, campaign for secondary supply laws: reflection from Sam Menezes, Leavers 2015: parent information evening, new research: outlet density and underage drinking, 'silent, ever-present legal drug': 6PR interview with Lisa Baker MLA, action station: take action on alcohol at your workplace, what's new on DrinkTank?

Issue No. 106 20 Aug 2015
Secondary supply Bill read into WA Parliament, new research: children exposed to thousands of alcohol ads during sport, Surfing Australia turns to alcohol sponsorship, alcohol-related ambulance attendances in Victoria - top concern, new campaign: Women Want to Know, alcohol and drug conference in Perth - November 2015.

Issue No. 104 06 Aug 2015
Alcohol ads played before a PG rated film in cinema, WA Minister urged to follow other states in banning powdered alcohol, Aboriginal children and young people speak out, secondary supply laws introduced in the ACT, concerns around Beer Can Regatta.

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