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Catch up on past issues of our newsletter, Alcohol Action Station below. 

Issue No. 98 14 May 2015
Alcohol consumption at 50-year low, parents providing alcohol to children unaware of harms, new research shows alcopops tax is working, new report: tackling harmful alcohol use in OECD countries, No Alcohol Near Schools petition tabled in Parliament, Vodka Cruiser ad found to promote pre-drinking.

Issue No. 97 30 Apr 2015
Want to work with the McCusker Centre?, WA doing well in national alcohol poll, new research links alcohol companies' use of social media to sport, calling concerned WA parents, Alcohol Advertising Review Board: recent determinations, say "hello sunday morning" with a new app, what's new on DrinkTank?

Issue No. 96 17 Apr 2015
Last chance to nominate for the Action on Alcohol Awards, exciting job opportunity with the McCusker Centre, alcohol in movies makes teens more likely to drink, alcohol ads could be banned during kids' viewing times, young people's exposure to alcohol sponsorship in sport, have your say on the competition policy review, Queensland to introduce lockouts and early closing times.

Issue No. 95 02 Apr 2015
Presenting the official drinks cabinet of Australian sport, Action on Alcohol Awards: deadline extended, Free TV Australia want to show more alcohol ads, powdered alcohol: Australia says no, UK: the cost of binge drinking, take action on alcohol advertising.

Issue No. 94 19 Mar 2015
Action on Alcohol Awards, FARE: Harms to others continue, Free TV Australia want to show more alcohol ads, rural communities: alcohol bought at liquor stores fuels ED admissions, new research on alcohol and violence, take action on alcohol advertising.

Issue No. 93 05 Mar 2015
Know someone who deserves to be recognised for action on alcohol?, Free TV Australia want to show more alcohol ads, alcohol hurting over a million children, concerns about Leavers celebrations, young people find it 'easy' to buy alcohol, take action on alcohol advertising!

Issue No. 92 19 Feb 2015
Alcohol myth busted agan, congratulations to Dr and Dr McCusker, workshop invitation: learn about advocacy, alarming increase in young people presenting to emergency departments, now here's a bus stop ad we can get behind, help a WA mum stop future liquor outlets from opening near schools, would you like lip gloss with your vodka?, have your say: do you support a ban on alcohol ads on government property?

Issue No. 91 06 Feb 2015
Halls Creek restrictions working well 5 years on, myth busting: alcohol has health benefits, WA's liquor laws in the spotlight, new campaign: don't drink and sink, help a WA mum stop future liquor outlets from opening near schools, what's new on DrinkTank, AARB: recent determinations, alcohol in the media.

Issue No. 90 22 Jan 2015
Australian government’s alcohol policy a ‘fizzer’, help a WA mum stop liquor outlets near schools, FAS cases in WA: highest ever recorded in Australia, petition: help stop KFC from selling alcohol, new campaign shines a spotlight on healthy sporting club cultures.

Issue No. 89 11 Dec 2014
A win for the Swan View community, help a WA mum stop future liquor outlets from opening near schools, new report: EDs full of drunk patients, what are young WA people concerned about? $1,000 worth fo alcohol: first prize for T-ball fundraiser for under-11s, new alcohol policy podcast series.

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