Past Issues

Catch up on past issues of our newsletter, Alcohol Action Station below. 

Issue No. 80 07 Aug 2014
Alarming new report on burden of alcohol, in-store promotions impact how much alcohol young adults buy, alcohol advertising and young people, action station: have 'the other talk', guide to taking action on alcohol in your community, forward Alcohol Action Station to a friend, share your feedback on the e-news, seen an alcohol ad that concerns you?

Issue No. 79 24 Jul 2014
Share your feedback on the e-news, new research: encouraging alcohol stats, 'drink responsibly' messages not so responsible, action station: tell Free TV Australia to end alcohol ads in sport, alcohol ad seen outside a school - again!, Alcohol Advertising Review Board: recent determinations.

Issue No. 78 10 Jul 2014
New alcohol and health campaign, invitation: liquor control act review: opportunities for public health, want to learn about advocacy?, women want to know: new initiative launched, voluntary alcohol warning labelling given second chance, new research: favourite alcohol ads and binge drinking, a day of action on alcohol advertising: watch the action, new research: hazardous drinking in athletes linked with alcohol sponsorship.

Issue No. 77 30 Jun 2014
Alcohol Advertising Review Board released its second annual report, Carlton & United Breweries: worst offender award, AARB: the second year of complaints, top ten shockers, a weekend in the life of a child, save the date: liquor licensing forum, first international energy drinks conference.

Issue No. 76 12 Jun 2014
FIFA World Cup and alcohol, industry "responsible drinking" campaign may encourage drinking, invitation: alcohol advertising seminar in Canberra, GameChanger: campaign update, how does alcohol affect young people?, alcohol marketing in international soccer: EURO2012, adult drinking in Australian schools, Alcohol Advertising Review Board: recent determinations.

Issue No. 75 29 May 2014
Duff Beer raises concern among health groups, how big is a self-poured glass of wine?, alcohol use in movies may make us drink more, save the date: alcohol advertising seminar in Canberra, Australian Alcohol Study: want to participate?, what works to prevent harm from alcohol?, what's new on DrinkTank?, seen an alcohol ad that concerns you?

Issue No. 74 15 May 2014
Supermarkets intimidate government, community concern about a proposed liquor store being built across from a school, alcohol contributes a large proportion of daily energy intake, WHO calls on governments to do more on alcohol harm, alcohol ad seen outside a primary school, Alcohol Advertising Review Board: recent determinations

Issue No. 73 02 May 2014
Alcohol-branded music linked to teen drinking, Facebook awash with unregulated alcohol promotion, fewer young Aussies drinking alcohol, new research: the role of parents and peers in young peoples' alcohol consumption, dead drunk: are the NSW liquor laws working?

Issue No. 72 10 Apr 2014
Ambulance call-outs, new factsheets highlight alcohol-related harm, new resources on risky drinking in rural areas, brand stretching: alcohol brands move to chocolates, new data shows Australians are drinking less, new research: half of all alcohol ads air during sports, AFL players speak out about binge drinking, seen an alcohol ad that concerns you?

Issue No. 71 27 Mar 2014
Annual alcohol poll results, new research: "the big night out", save the date: Perth seminar on the role of parents, new U.S. research: which alcohol brands do young people prefer?, new study shows just how much alcohol companies spend on advertising.

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