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Catch up on past issues of our newsletter, Alcohol Action Station below. 

Issue No. 50 23 May 2013
Alcohol on Alcohol Awards: not long to go, WA spends more on alcohol than any other state, workshop invitation: want to learn more about alcohol advocacy?, what's new on DrinkTank?, alcohol-related ambulance attendances in Victoria on the rise, Alcohol Advertising Review Board: recent determinations

Issue No. 49 09 May 2013
New research: alcohol advertising in sport, Action on Alcohol Awards: do you know someone who deserves recognition?, time for leadership on alcohol, workshop invitation: want to learn about alcohol advocacy?, vote for investing in our youth project, update: petition for secondary supply laws in WA, future dads urged to limit alcohol intake

Issue No. 48 26 Apr 2013
New report: Australian drinking culture revealed, time for action on alcohol: Prof Mike Daube, alcohol sponsorship of sport: police commissioners have their say, free our sports film festival: US youth action on alcohol, Surfing Australia drops alcohol sponsorship, wanted: Perth teenagers for study on alcohol, government's role in protecting health and safety

Issue No. 47 11 Apr 2013
Petition supporting secondary support laws in WA, Parents, Young People and Alcohol campaign: new phase, Game Changer: tackling unhealthy advertising in sport, concern about proposed Kalgoorlie-Boulder alcohol superstore

Issue No. 46 28 Mar 2013
Perth - the binge drinking capital, NSW alcohol summit 2013: a wake up call for government, support a WA mum in her fight for secondary supply laws, take action on alcohol advertising

Issue No. 45 14 Mar 2013
Health First: an evidence-based alcohol strategy for the UK, action station: writing letters to the editor, call for ban on alcohol advertising during sports on TV, new US research: alcohol brands underage drinkers prefer, Alcohol Advertising Review Board: submit a complaint

Issue No. 44 28 Feb 2013
Punch drunk, alcohol and the drinking culture in Australia, new research: alcohol consumption is a leading preventable cause of cancer in the US, follow up: Jim Beam branded clothing for children

Issue No. 43 14 Feb 2013
Liquor Control Act review reminder, abstaining from alcohol in Australia, update: petition to stop alcohol advertising during cricket, new research: resources for parents and carers of people with FASD, busting myths: "there is no alcohol crisis in Australia"

Issue No. 42 31 Jan 2013
Strong community support for action on alcohol, review of the liquor control act: have your say, new report: 2011 Australian school students alcohol and drug survey, help a Tazzie dad in his fight against alcohol promotion during cricket,don't drink and drown summer season launch, new research: do children absorb sports sponsorship messages?

Issue No. 41 13 Dec 2012
Fiona Stanley: attitudes to alcohol in the school environment, review of WA Liquor Control Act announced, health and physical education draft curriculum released for consultation, fact of fiction: a little alcohol is good for the heart, new research: dealing with alcohol-related harm and the night-time economy, Alcohol Advertising Review Board: now on Twitter!

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