Past Issues

Catch up on past issues of our newsletter, Alcohol Action Station below. 

Issue No. 13 18 Oct 2011
Bus shelters promotion alcohol - send in your pics!, invitation: local alcohol forum in Bentley, we're not alone - alcohol issues in the UK, sailing towards relaxed liquor laws, secondary supply introduced in Victoria

Issue No. 12 04 Oct 2011
Government response to alcohol report, speaking out about reducing alcohol-related harm in young people: new report, investing in our youth seminar: summary, alcohol tax forum, October is Community Safety Month, new event management toolkit

Issue No. 11 20 Sep 2011
YMCA Great Southern Drug Action Week 'Firsts', alcohol taxation reform: new report, October is Community Safety Month

Issue No. 10 06 Sep 2011
Show your support for action on alcohol, Action Station: take action against alcohol ads near schools, invitation: young people and alcohol - a solution focused seminar.

Issue No. 9 23 Aug 2011
Invitation: young people and alcohol - a solution focused seminar, your views: alternative leavers event, Commissioner for a Day winner announced, young women learn street smarts in 'City After Dark', new and improved Drug and Alcohol Office website.

Issue No. 8 09 Aug 2011
Summary of 'How alcohol affects my work' forum, an end to happy hours?, 2010 National Drug Strategy Household Survey: summary

Issue No. 7 27 Jul 2011
Invitation to forum: 'How alcohol affects my work - this Friday!', retailers don't sell alcohol to minors - do they?, National Drug Strategy Household Survey, parenting strategies: preventing adolescent alcohol misuse, myths debunked.

Issue No. 6 17 Jul 2011
Invitation to forum: 'How alcohol affects my work', alcohol and tax price: key facts, indigenous Australian young people and alcohol: key facts and stats, ICCWA Community Safety Awards 2011 - final days!, Commissioner for a Day Challenge - final days!

Issue No. 5 28 Jun 2011
Invitation to forum: 'How alcohol affects my work', ICCWA Community Safety awards, new report encourages action on alcohol, raising the bar: new report, Commissioner for a Day challenge

Issue No. 4 14 Jun 2011
Impacts of alcohol: brain development and FASD, new alcohol consumption statistics, Cancer Council position statement, action station: using local media, invitation to Drug Action Week Youth Forum, Commissioner for a Day Challenge, invitation to 'The Gathering' screening

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