Past Issues

Catch up on past issues of our newsletter, Alcohol Action Station below. 

Issue No. 22 20 Mar 2012
Introducing the Alcohol Advertising Review Board, ambulance call-outs for drunkenness, invitation: alcohol and cancer update

Issue No. 21 06 Mar 2012
Alcohol advertising fail #1: strike three for alcohol adverts outside WA school, alcohol advertising fail #2: alcohol promotion for 3-8 year olds, low knowledge of low-risk drinking guidelines.

Issue No. 20 21 Feb 2012
Juvie leavers, school ball season, school alcohol education: follow up.

Issue. No 19 07 Feb 2012
School alcohol education: a lottery, show your support for school alcohol education, Australia Day follow up

Issue No. 18 24 Jan 2012
Australia Day, new stats on uni student drinking, shot buckets targeted, free lip gloss with vodka promo OK'd, community alcohol grants, Strong Spirit Strong Mind Metro project community grants

Issue No. 17 13 Dec 2011
Tis' the season for alcohol promotions, ad complaint update, do you know a community champion?, juvie leavers and the role of parents, update on alcohol warning labels

Issue No. 16 29 Nov 2011
Alcohol and energy drinks: the problem, invitation to forum: alcohol promotions and young people, new reports: alcohol-related hospitalisations and deaths in WA, 'booze plays major role in deaths by injury', launch of new alcohol and water safety DVD: "The Wake"

Issue No. 15 15 Nov 2011
Call for alcohol warning labels, impacts of alcohol forum - alcohol, violence and young people, be alcohol aware in the South West, sandwich sessions in the Great Southern, FARE community grants round closing soon, drink or drunk: new report, ideas from around Australia: post formal mystery tour.

Issue No. 14 01 Nov 2011
What do you want to hear from Alcohol Action Station?, myth busters: who causes the most harm?, Halls Creek liquor restrictions to remain, new funding opportunities, legend - NZ drink-driving campaign

Issue No. 13 18 Oct 2011
Bus shelters promotion alcohol - send in your pics!, invitation: local alcohol forum in Bentley, we're not alone - alcohol issues in the UK, sailing towards relaxed liquor laws, secondary supply introduced in Victoria

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