Past Issues

Catch up on past issues of our newsletter, Alcohol Action Station below. 

Issue No. 9 23 Aug 2011
Invitation: young people and alcohol - a solution focused seminar, your views: alternative leavers event, Commissioner for a Day winner announced, young women learn street smarts in 'City After Dark', new and improved Drug and Alcohol Office website.

Issue No. 8 09 Aug 2011
Summary of 'How alcohol affects my work' forum, an end to happy hours?, 2010 National Drug Strategy Household Survey: summary

Issue No. 7 27 Jul 2011
Invitation to forum: 'How alcohol affects my work - this Friday!', retailers don't sell alcohol to minors - do they?, National Drug Strategy Household Survey, parenting strategies: preventing adolescent alcohol misuse, myths debunked.

Issue No. 6 17 Jul 2011
Invitation to forum: 'How alcohol affects my work', alcohol and tax price: key facts, indigenous Australian young people and alcohol: key facts and stats, ICCWA Community Safety Awards 2011 - final days!, Commissioner for a Day Challenge - final days!

Issue No. 5 28 Jun 2011
Invitation to forum: 'How alcohol affects my work', ICCWA Community Safety awards, new report encourages action on alcohol, raising the bar: new report, Commissioner for a Day challenge

Issue No. 4 14 Jun 2011
Impacts of alcohol: brain development and FASD, new alcohol consumption statistics, Cancer Council position statement, action station: using local media, invitation to Drug Action Week Youth Forum, Commissioner for a Day Challenge, invitation to 'The Gathering' screening

Issue No. 3 19 Apr 2011
Action station: engaging your local politician, publications, local stories of action on alcohol

Issue No. 2 05 Apr 2011
Local stories of action on alcohol, action station: get your views out there - write to the paper, publications

Issue No. 1 22 Mar 2011
Action station: taking action against ads near schools, share your story of local action on alcohol

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