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Catch up on past issues of our newsletter, Alcohol Action Station below. 

Issue No. 172 24 May 2018
New research on adolescent drinking and outcomes later in life, free conference for school staff: destination wellbeing, what would you like to see in alcohol action station?, research associate position at Curtin University, join the campaign to End Alcohol Advertising in Sport, reduced glass size may help reduce drinking, take action on alcohol advertising!

Issue No. 171 10 May 2018
Corporate social activities are used to advance industry interests: new research, Congratulations Prof Mike Daube AO, new research on impact of low alcohol labelling, what would you like to see in Alcohol Action Station?, update on minimum alcohol pricing in the NT, review of Newcastle's late-night trading venues' conditions, Alcohol Advertising Review Board update.

Issue No. 170 27 Apr 2018
Seminar on alcohol and young adults, new research: young people find alcohol ads appealing, WA Indigenous Storybook: Pilbara edition, take action on alcohol advertising, alcohol and injury risk at WA Leavers: new research, 'low-carb' beers are not better for you, alcohol and other drug treatment in Australia, new research suggests alcohol limits in many countries should be lowered.

Issue No. 169 12 Apr 2018
WA students exposed to unhealthy ads on bus shelters near schools, WA liquor law changes pass through Legislative Assembly, factsheets on alcohol issues, new paper on policy options to address alcohol marketing, burden of disease attributed to alcohol: new report, international call for taxes on alcohol, tobacco, and soft drinks, Alcohol Advertising Review Board update.

Issue No. 168 29 Mar 2018
New research on teens and high risk drinking, WA liquor law changes further debated in Legislative Assembly, watch the GAPC2017 video, annual alcohol poll released, WA Preventive Health Summit videos, alcohol industry involvement in policy making, take action on alcohol advertising.

Issue No. 167 16 Mar 2018
WA liquor law changes debated in Parliament, overview of NT liquor law changes, your shout: take action on alcohol, new research on alcohol-related parenting, Sydney liquor restrictions associated with fewer orbital fractures, action station: join a Local Drug Action Group, Alcohol Advertising Review Board update.

Issue No. 166 06 Mar 2018
Preventive Health Summit speakers call for minimum pricing in WA, changes to WA liquor laws tabled in Parliament, NT to introduce minimum pricing at $1.30, new report shows alcohol self-regulation is ineffective, alcohol causes nearly 6,000 deaths in one year, new report sheds light on family violence, what's new on Drink Tank?, take action on alcohol advertising!

Issue No. 165 15 Feb 2018
Changes to WA liquor laws on the way, 1 in 3 young people in detention have FASD, rising WA cricket star with a difference, global health fund urged to end partnership with Heineken, new research on impact of trading hour policies on alcohol-related harm, WA: the state with the highest alcohol-related ED admissions, Alcohol Advertising Review Board update, marketing of low alcohol products of concern, action station: write a letter to the Editor.

Issue No. 164 01 Feb 2018
Parents support phasing out alcohol advertising during sport, new research confirms parents should not give their teens alcohol, national alcohol scorecard: Tasmania performs the worst, resource to support universities to develop comprehensive alcohol policies, national alcohol strategy: final days to have your say, take action on alcohol advertising, alcohol and gambling marketing at the Australian Open, trade agreements could affect alcohol warning labels, new research about alcohol marketing on YouTube.

Issue No. 163 18 Jan 2018
National Alcohol Strategy: have your say, comment on the draft MHC prevention plan, City of Cockburn supports limiting bottle shops, 1 in 5 ED patients affected by alcohol, 'best buys' to prevent alcohol harm, new research: changing parent attitudes reason for drop in teen drinking, alcohol marketing on Twitter: new research, Alcohol Advertising Review Board update.

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