Past Issues

Catch up on past issues of our newsletter, Alcohol Action Station below. 

Issue No. 139 19 Jan 2017
Invitation to the WA pre-election forum, encouraging liquor licensing decisions in WA, Alcohol.Think Again: new 'glassbody' campaign and tools, support the #boozefreesport campaign, alcohol marketing regulation: special journal edition, alcohol continues to impact on emergency departments.

Issue No. 138 12 Dec 2016
Coalition of 70 WA groups call on political parties to commit to action on alcohol ahead of election, alcohol and energy drinks: a dangerous mix, alcohol and drugs of most concern among young people, how many times will children see alcohol ads this festive season?, alcohol tax among top 10 priorities to get Australia's health on track, top tips for going alcohol-free this festive season.

Issue No. 137 24 Nov 2016
WA Member of Parliament calls for an end to alcohol ads on public transport, new community survey shows top concerns about alcohol and young people, harm associated with alcohol in night time entertainment districts, congratulations June Oscar, help save Bata Gawiy early childhood learning unit, McCusker Centre shines at Curtin media awards, calls to end alcohol sport sponsorship.

Issue No. 136 10 Nov 2016
New research on alcohol-related assault hospitalisations, info for parents about alcohol and school leavers, national survey: encouraging trends in school students' drinking, alcohol industry reliance on heavy drinking revealed, fathers' drinking impacts on child health, alcohol ads during sport: still a concern, catch up on the alcohol and drug conference.

Issue No. 135 27 Oct 2016
Young risky drinkers highlight hidden drinking patterns, new research on alcohol-related injuries originating at home, FASD video available online, alcohol and rivers: a dangerous mix, update on Dan Murphy's application, take action on alcohol advertising!

Issue No. 134 13 Oct 2016
Young Australians still the riskiest drinkers, but drinking less, new phase of Alcohol. Think Again 'I See' campaign, why are young people drinking less? Indigenous drug & alcohol conference, cheap alcohol deals, but at what cost: new on drinktank, new report - cheap alcohol: the price we pay, new research on time spent caring for drinkers, take action on alcohol advertising.

Issue No. 133 30 Sep 2016
New research on supermarket alcohol promotions, alcohol interlocks to reduce drink-driving, special journal on alcohol issues, new research: impact of trading hours on alcohol harms, new research: analysis of industry funded 'responsible drinking' campaign, global alcohol policy conference in 2017 in Melbourne, Alcohol Advertising Review Board update.

Issue No. 132 15 Sep 2016
New evidence on the impact of the 'alcopops tax', NSW liquor act review, FASD awareness day, review: alcohol policies and suicide, new research: alcohol-related injuries often occur in the home, alcohol ad played before a G rated film in cinema, new research: impact of alcohol ads on TV.

Issue No. 131 01 Sep 2016
South Australia to ban alcohol ads on public transport, new research: impact of alcohol advertising on young people, liquor restrictions in Halls Creek and Fitzroy Valley, ACT introduces secondary supply laws, Global Alcohol Policy Conference 2017: call for abstracts, Alcohol Advertising Review Board update.

Issue No. 130 18 Aug 2016
Olympic sport and alcohol shouldn't mix, Global Alcohol Policy Conference 2017: call for abstracts, calls for action on alcohol in the NT, Alcohol Advertising Review Board update, new research: alcohol, young people and online alcohol content, survey for young people who use social media.

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