Our Approach

Prevention focussed

The Coalition will focus on population-level prevention strategies.


All policy objectives and priorities advocated by the Coalition are based on the best evidence available.


No single intervention is able to address the large and complex issues around alcohol and young people. A comprehensive package of interventions is necessary to meaningfully address any public health issue.


The Coalition will establish and pursue agreed policy objectives and advocacy priorities.

Planned and opportunistic activity

Advocacy activities of the Coalition will necessarily be a combination of strategic, planned activities and reactive, opportunistic activities.

Involving the entire coalition

The Coalition has received tremendous and willing support from across many disciplines.


Coalition member organisations accept the need for good coordination to ensure the objectives of the WA Coalition are met.

Long-term vision

Public health gains require a long term vision, with sustained commitment and a strong guard against complacency.

Focus on WA

The focus of action and outcomes for the Coalition will be in regard to the WA population.